Brent, London
Residential, Retail
396 dwellings, Retail, Health Centre

NW09-10 is a new parcel within the Wembley Park masterplan consisting of 396 BtR dwellings, a 1200 sqm Health Centre and 1000 sqm of retail. But nothing about NW09 can be seen in other BtR developments as this is a radical tailor made product for renting that takes the typology further away for a for sale model.

This is GRID’s second large development in Wembley following on from Emerald Gardens which was completed in 2017. The form is two similar stepped slabs either side of a large amenity courtyard with an amenity building to the north and a free standing formal block to the south. Rising to a maximum of 21 storeys the brick clad slabs present a strong architectural statement within the new urban extension with that can be seen on arrival at Wembley Park station. The east and west building are connected by an amenity link which accesses the courtyard and connects to ground floor entrances and workspace. Many new ideas in rental living have been incorporated here as has been in the apartment design. Cradled in the courtyard and facing Elvin Square is a lower and more formal architecture called Repton House. Like the courtyard, Repton House is designed for south facing aspect with large balconies but also shading for living spaces.

Everything from the design of refuse rooms, recycling, bike parking, delivery and services has been part of a radical re-consideration of rental requirements. NW09 reflects a residential skill set within a hospitality environment to enable the renter to maximise the experience and benefits offered at Wembley Park.

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