Hook, Hampshire
Salmon Harvester
44 Dwellings

This former employment site in Hampshire lies in an area of diverse land use activities at the edge of a village. The Village Extension will breathe new life into an under used but prominent site.

The brief required the creation of both private and affordable accommodation in the form of flats and housing. Re-interpreting the village typologies of terraced houses, town houses and mews properties we created a modern, efficient, high density development with a strong street frontage.

The site plan linked the linear village street to a central amenity space surrounded by single aspect houses and flats. This was an effective way of not only using the deep commercial land form but also of defending amenity spaces against adjoining sites still in industrial use.

The architecture utilises simple vernacular forms and a palette of traditional materials to sit modestly in the context. This belies the complex typologies which deal with a two storey street but a change in topography with 3-4 storeys to the middle of the site.

Amenity space to the houses is also flexible with a choice of garden, car parking and additional deck positions. The Mews houses are self-sufficient with amenity space at first floor level and double height living spaces.

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Village Extension
Village Extension
Village Extension
Village Extension