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209 Apartments
Planning Consented

Acton Gardens Phase 9.4 will deliver a residential scheme of 209 new homes of varying tenure part of the wider Acton Gardens Masterplan.

The design proposes a courtyard style development consisting of four blocks between 2 and 12 storeys around a communal podium courtyard.

The four blocks are unified using a limited brick palette with the mass being broken by recess sections between that register the change in building height and tenure. Entrances to the blocks and the ground floor maisonettes are expressed using a lighter brickwork as portals. This allows the overall building to comprise of a base, middle and top section, the taller blocks having an extended brick corbelling.

The two prominent corners are splayed and celebrate the contextual language of the area with bands of red and light brickwork allowing an area of enhanced public realm that embraces the wider masterplan. This articulation further signifies the prominence of the corner blocks.

Balconies have been given an elegant, perforated oak leaf design that connects the building to the local area, the name Acton being derived from the old English for Ac (oak) and tun (farm). The Acton coat of arms incorporated the oak tree as its main feature with the phrase Floreat Actona, meaning ‘Let Acton Flourish’.

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