Wandsworth, London
Cherwell Group
800 m sq workspace, 83 flats ( 29 are affordable ) 35%

GRID’s second project in York Road, Wandsworth, is an opportunity to mark the entrance of a local shopping parade with a mixed use tower. The public realm improvements pull together a number of routes while the presence of the building defines a legible sequence of events leading eventually to the river.

Planning consent was awarded to 58-70 York Road, a key island site on the York Road and Yelverton Road. The current building is a 1970s public house with surface car parking. It is surrounded by confused boundary conditions and poor quality public realm. As with so many post-industrial areas permeability is poor which results in confused route finding and ultimately inactive streets. Taking into consideration the emerging context directed by the Lombard Road/York Road SPD and Winstanley/York Road Estates Masterplan, GRID proposed a stepped mini tower of maximum 14 storeys with a 5 storey attached counterpoint block. Though higher than the immediate context, the proposal delivers townscape advantages as the site is on the elbow of an east west strategic road. Long distance visibility of the massing acts as a marker for local streets and routes.

The stepped form allows large roof terraces looking toward the river. On the south side the splayed façade of reflective metal will catch the light and change colour with sun angles. Public realm improvements make up a large part of the offering with repaving and landscaping. The site sits a few hundred metres away from GRID's design for Lookers and Linden Homes.

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58-70 York Road