Ipswich, East Anglia
180 Rooms

An architectural commission as part of the wider masterplanning agenda, the hotel sits on an active traffic junction on the approach to Ipswich and the business park it would serve. Using the raised topography and the strategic route into Ipswich to generate the design, the hotel was designed for maximum visibility from afar (the tower) and an eye catching and visually changing facade for passing traffic on the motorway.

The changing façade was achieved by using coloured, facetted cladding so that the view and colours from one direction are different from the other - planned to cause intrigue and enquiry. The hotel plan is relatively simple with a central arrival atrium containing front of house, separating the tower from the wing. Front and back of house are located at ground floor, there being no basement, and car and coach parking is at grade. The atrium is accessed from the car park but on entering gives views to Ipswich in the distance.

The project is quite typical of its type - the rebranding, introduction of new complimentary uses and intensification of business parks and industrial estates. This not only energises the workspace, it finds much needed land for housing, hotels and leisure uses. It often results in the rediscovery of former rail links like Bennett Street and Treforest in South Wales.

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