Wandsworth, London
Linden Homes
Residential Showroom Workshop
192 Apartments, 3,500 m sq B2

The York Road project is a new angle on an old typology – rather than living accommodation above a retail base there is a three storey Volkswagon garage and showroom. Named the Podium, the automotive accommodation forms just that - a giant podium - and the residential courtyard starts at level three. As the location of a car showroom would suggest, the site is on a heavy trafficked route in South London, so the elevated living accommodation is an ideal solution sitting above traffic noise and with views to the river.

One of many large projects in Wandsworth being developed by GRID, the Podium is a collection of forms carefully arranged to allow penetration of light and views between blocks. This ‘village’ of forms is a lose interpretation of James Stirling compositions like Tokyo International Forum, but in a simple urban architecture to mediate between recent over exuberant neighbours. Two tall and two smaller slabs st on the podium and the resultant garden space between them also offers framed views. While the height is limited the forms of the taller elements are carefully stepped to create a skyline.

Public realm forms an important part of this and all our projects and this steps outside of the site ownership to bring order and improvement to surrounding roads. GRID is also working on a surrounding masterplan for Wandsworth with several other architects and on adjoining sites.

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