Moscow, Russia
Mixed Use
750 Dwellings, Retail

The historic press and print works of the former Soviet Pravda news agency is globally iconic. The press releases backed by the famous typeface were common occurrences during the Cold War. But like other mechanical print works in the digital age, the Pravda works are ripe for repurposing and renewal.

GRID’s competition winning approach is to tightly align the new mixed use development with the remaining concrete industrial building. Marrying a nostalgic view of minimalist Soviet era design with a newly discovered vitality of new street markets and eateries – a new on a cross route street will become the focus for new residents, workers and visitors.

The 750 dwelling masterplan promotes three efficient square towers each with a dedicated garden within a larger public park. Sitting at 21 storeys the towers are offset to allow maximum light penetration and solar gain. The street fronting the old print works will have dedicated ground level retail and eating accommodation with lively street furniture, landscaping and managed events.

The island site, the result of rerouted traffic demands, will host a circular tower with lower level ramped car parking drum. Rising to 34 storeys the tower will have a façade treatment that evokes old printing type blocks in the Cyrillic alphabet. Again the offset siting helps light and sun penetration. The base of the tower is wrapped in perforated, metal and highly landscaped.

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