Wandsworth, London
600 sq m

GRID was asked by inspirational music charity World Heartbeat to refurbish the first floor of an old industrial building as a new music academy. The space had to accommodate group and individual tuition from voice to grand piano. The limited budget was spent on tangible benefits like heating and acoustic doors.

Following the success of the academy over the first 3 years, GRID made a proposal to redevelop the buidling and increase the floor space from 150 msq to nearly 600 msq. By using the same footprint and employing rapid construction techniques of prefabrication using CLT panels, most of the tranfer of teaching would happen over the summer holiday period starting with one floor and adding additonal floors thereafter.

The practice, rehearsal and instrument storage rooms are spread over two floors with the top floor for large rehearsal, perfomance condition training and concerts. Located in an industrial estate where the academy increases the employment numbers while having no noise issues – the architecture is a simple overclad in profiled aluminium with a robust ground floor. There is one large window in the performance space to act as a shop window for the promotion of music for all, and to remind those inside looking across the skyline that the audience is everyone across London.

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