Westminster, London
Endurance Land and Crown Estates
108 Dwellings, 6,800 sq m Office, Retail 1,600 sq m

GRID was asked to analysis and develop solutions for a complex and constrained land holding in London’s Victoria. Included on site was a highly regarded, yet unlisted, building and an underground station access. Multiple uses were considered including residential, retail and workspace.

Skills in mixed used schemes and experience in Westminster allowed many beneficial combinations of uses where entrances, cores and car parks cross over between use classes. The existing building was considered for residential use and contingencies prepared in case of listing. Massing and Rights to Light were examined for compliance with policy and principles of good townscape.

Over 35 options were considered, and floor areas were analysed and reported to the client body. Cost consultants input into the matrix and favoured options shortlisted for further development. The final, most viable and appropriate proposal was taken to pre-application meetings with Westminster and developed into a planning application.

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Bessborough Street
Bessborough Street
Bessborough Street