Tower Hamlets, London
Residential, Public Space
600,000 Sqft

A mixed use tower for an Asian developer and hotel operator for hotel, apart hotel, leisure and private rental, residential accommodation. This essay in a simple cluster plan has stacked accommodation of hotel, apart hotel and then residential above.

Responding to several market sectors leads to complex buildings. From short stay hotel, longer stay apart hotel or private rental residential, an operator can cover demand and changing demand if the typology allows flexibility. The multiple core arrangement has been efficiently designed to serve larger floor plates at lower levels and the more slender tower above. Moreover the changing floor plans led to a framed building with column free space for maximum flexibility. Architecturally the structure is expressed to provide scale and clarity to a complex solution. Structural challenges included a high level swimming pool and wind turbulence caused by adjoining towers.

The top floors are allocated to public use, roof top leisure and a restaurant looking back towards Canary Wharf. The treatment is simple so that the top level activities can be seen for the ground or from surrounding towers. The cladding is mostly solid to north and south, for environmental reasons, with open balconies to the east and west where the best light conditions can be enjoyed.

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50 Marsh Wall
50 Marsh Wall
50 Marsh Wall