Designing with our people-centred philosophy, each project is rigorously crafted embracing six key design tools; context, creativity, commercialism, collaboration, communication and the construction of place.


Always beginning with the specifics of site and the demands of the end-user, we apply critical interrogation to find inventive solutions. By embracing context we implicitly prioritise social and environmental sustainability, always reflecting on the impacts of our decisions both now and in the future. Every building is optimised to minimise whole-of-life energy use, with MMC used where possible and our masterplans prioritise urban connectivity and the encouragement of healthy lifestyles.

GRID do not see commercialism and sustainability as mutually exclusive, by delivering sustainable architecture we make the most of all opportunities and deliver added value for our clients. Internally and during workshops with consultants, artists and other professionals, we are proactive about keeping the conversation broad. Our communication style is key to our success; we go beyond alluring images to convey the rigour of our concepts from sketches to technical resolution. All that we do results in added experiential richness within the urban realm and the construction of a new sense of place - with a considered approach to both the built fabric and the spaces in between.


As a full-service practice, we work across sectors and on projects of varied scales, always utilising our understanding of people and places. Our in-house capabilities enable us to work effectively on projects at all stages - providing services that include;

  • Strategic Masterplans including large scale urban extensions.
  • Detailed Masterplans and Urban Design frameworks for large sites.
  • Feasibility Studies, Concept Design and Planning Applications.
  • Design Development and Technical Design Stages 3/4.
  • Production Information and Construction Services.
  • Interior Design.
  • Design Review input.
  • Historic Building Advice

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