All Clear for London Chest Hospital
25 September 2018

Crest Nicholson achieved a hard won Recommendation for Approval for the redevelopment of the former London Chest Hospital. Despite the heritage benefits and quality of the proposal there was still concern about a Mulberry tree that is to be relocated to a more prominent and public position within the site. The tree which as assessed at about 150 years old is a survivor of the blitz on several nights that destroyed the chapel and the 1855 building itself. Savills were planning consultants, Montagu Evans Heritage consultants and Sinclair Johnson engineers. The restoration of the Main Building will involve returning windows to their original pattern, uncovering the cast iron balconies and rebuilding formerly replaced or damaged chimneys. New landscaped courtyards and new trees are part of a complex TPO assessment and structural landscape improvements by TLP and Tree Fabrik.

London Chest Hospital