Planning permission unanimously granted to Acton Gardens Phase 7.2
1 June 2021

GRID Architects working with Countryside and L&Q is pleased to announce that the London Borough of Ealing has unanimously granted planning permission to Acton Gardens Phase 7.2.

The development will deliver a residential scheme of 185 new apartments, 50% of which will be affordable (on a habitable room basis). Of these homes 44 will be for Active Living, these are independent apartments for over 55s who may still be working and living active lives with the flexibility to be adapted for care in later years being a home for life. A tearoom is provided for the active living residents with access to a shared garden, and a hotel style visitors room, shifting away from the feel of traditional sheltered housing.

The development includes an energy centre housing a site wide District Heating System, which will help reduced carbon emissions, providing residents with cleaner and greener energy.

The design is a courtyard building in a modern interpretation of a London square garden architecture consisting of four blocks between 6 and 12 storeys with a communal courtyard garden for all residents.

The ground floor maisonettes have a distinct architectural language which forms a base to the buildings above and unifies them across the site. The vertical rhythm of the façade provides a rational composition with good proportions. Recessed vertical slots are used to articulate separation between elements within the composition and between different tenures allowing for changes in brickwork colour. An emphasised ‘crown’ to the buildings gives a clear base, middle and top to the architecture.

The topography of the site was challenging but the design uses the 6m level change across the northern edge to place the energy centre at the most efficient location under the tallest element using the level change for the additional height required in the plant room whilst also reducing the amount of cut required to the energy centre and basement car parking below the podium level.

With planning approval now granted, works are expected to begin later this year with the first completions due in 2024.

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far view