2-18 Yelverton Road, Wandsworth | Planning Permission Granted
21 February 2020

GRID Architects is pleased to announce that the London Borough of Wandsworth council (LBW) has granted planning permission to 2-18 Yelverton Road, Wandsworth.

The development will deliver a residential mixed-use scheme which responds creatively to both the old and the new character of the local area. The 3-storey brick plinth of the building responds to the existing existing terrace which is prominently positioned on the corner of the urban block, helping to re-establish the historic three storey street frontage to Yelverton Road, linking the design to its context.

Seemingly ‘floating’ above the 3-storey plinth a 12-storey tower seeks to address the emerging skyline, which is the result of recent regeneration in the area. The angled facades of this volume create slender proportions and improve the visual amenity of the interior, with residents’ views directed towards the Thames and nearby green spaces.

In between the two forms, the garden at 3rd floor level provides internal and external amenity space for all residents, and visually separates the two contrasting elements. This unique space provides an attractive garden space above street level.

Sustainability is a key driver for GRID’s design proposals, with the terrace level garden spaces introducing opportunity for increased biodiversity in the local area, while contributing to a sustainable drainage approach. In combination with the Biosolar Green Roof on top of the building, this means the development exceeds the draft London Plan’s Urban Greening Factor (UGF) target and will help Wandsworth tackle the challenges of climate change, poor air quality and deficiencies in green space.

Test Image
Yelverton Elevation View
GF plan
Amenity Plan
Typical Plan