Oval, Lambeth
Berkeley Homes
Residential, Public Space, Workspace
1250 new homes, over 1400 jobs, 1 hectare of public space
Masterplan Stage

Oval Gas Works is a mixed use development on the iconic Oval Gasworks site, adjacent to the Oval cricket ground in Lambeth. The site is a secure compound with no public access and is designated as a Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA). GRID is working with Lambeth Council and Berkeley Homes to produce a masterplan which will be used as the basis for the de-designation of the site, and allow the site to be opened up for much needed redevelopment. The masterplan also covers a number of surrounding sites under various ownerships.

During the design process the principle Gasholder No.1 was listed. Built in 1892 the 65m diameter frame was the biggest in the world and sits above a 13m deep water tank. After careful surveys and structural assessment GRID are working with specialist restorers to develop methodology for removal and repair before re-instatement as a free standing structure round a new residential building. Removal also allows the substructure to be dismantled and surround land to be de-contaminated.

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Oval Gasholder
Oval Gasholder
Oval Gasholder
Oval Gasholder