We place great emphasis on the ethics of team work and encourage career progression and responsibility. Buildings are not produced by individuals but by the ‘practice’, so we work together for the benefit of all.

Jeremy Williamson

Jeremy WilliamsonJeremy Williamson
Project Director

Bea Beazley

Bea BeazleyBea Beazley

Bevis Martin

Bevis MartinBevis Martin
Architectural Assistant

Christina Xypolia

Christina XypoliaChristina Xypolia

Emily Lang

Emily LangEmily Lang

Alastair Stirling

Alastair StirlingAlastair Stirling

Colin Veitch

Colin VeitchColin Veitch

Colin is an equity director and founder. ‘’My education at Sheffield University gave me a fabulous grounding in meticulous but relevant investigations in the physical and social environments in which buildings exist; the way in which architecture should be of its place. I relish the challenge of solving problems every day, which vary in scale from a door detail to a city-wide masterplan.’’

Antony Victor

Antony VictorAntony Victor
Graphic Designer

Laurence Osborn

Laurence OsbornLaurence Osborn

Laurence is an equity director and founder. ‘’My early observations remain inherent in the way I view the architectural process. A process enriched and developed by the people I have worked alongside and learnt from, as well as travelling and working overseas. GRID is now my journey. I aim to demonstrate along the way how well resolved and impeccably designed are our buildings’’

Bryan Ledger

Bryan LedgerBryan Ledger

Christina Fahidis

Christina FahidisChristina Fahidis
Office Manager

Max Esposito

Max EspositoMax Esposito

Carl Young

Carl YoungCarl Young
Architectural Assistant

Johanna Beltran Torres

Johanna Beltran TorresJohanna Beltran Torres

Chris Cockrell

Chris CockrellChris Cockrell

Chris is one of the original Founder of GRID. ‘’At GRID, we pay meticulous attention to all aspects of the design process, enabling us to realise well considered and designed buildings which we hope will benefit everyone involved in the lifetime of the building. I feel incredibly privileged to spend my professional life realising buildings for enlightened clients with forward thinking and talented consultant teams.’’

Carlos Torres

Carlos TorresCarlos Torres

Ian Orr

Ian OrrIan Orr
Design Director

Marie Herber

Marie HerberMarie Herber
Architectural Assistant

Hannah Cattanach

Hannah Cattanach Hannah Cattanach
Architectural Assistant

Ewan Barker

Ewan BarkerEwan Barker

Ilaria Ferraboli

Ilaria FerraboliIlaria Ferraboli

Craig Casci

Craig CasciCraig Casci

Craig is the senior partner and founder. ‘’Architecture is a part of making cities and no matter how small the commission - it all adds up to the contribution we make towards the streets and spaces we live and work in. GRID was developed on a strong philosophical basis and analysis is part of our everyday approach. We are probably best known for our residential work but we are involved in everything from transport, to public realm and retail projects’’

Nina Bevan

Nina BevanNina Bevan

Mukesh Patel

Mukesh PatelMukesh Patel
Associate Director

Valentina Sbrana

Valentina Sbrana Valentina Sbrana

Benjamin Ross

Benjamin RossBenjamin Ross
Architectural Assistant

Emily Watt

Emily WattEmily Watt
Architectural Assistant

Steve Mason

Steve MasonSteve Mason

Stefan Busher

Stefan BusherStefan Busher

Tina John

Tina JohnTina John
Senior Architectural Assistant

Pawel Pstrokonski

Pawel PstrokonskiPawel Pstrokonski

Jordan Young

Jordan YoungJordan Young
Architectural Assistant

Tadgh Jordan

Tadgh JordanTadgh Jordan

Sushanon Go

Sushanon GoSushanon Go
Architectural Assistant

Valentin Surdila

Valentin SurdilaValentin Surdila
Architectural Assistant

Joseph Uhama

Joseph UhamaJoseph Uhama
Architectural Assistant